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Hermann is passionate about challenging himself to be develop his own natural talents to impact his world and community in a positive way.  He is passionate about helping others grow to their best self.  Consistent, never-ending improvement has become part of his daily life since he was a timid college student who was unsure how to make the right decision for his future career.  Hermann attending a career & leadership program in college, which helped give him the foundation  and mentors he needed to become align his desire to be successful, with his career vision.  He worked at this company upon graduation and quickly moved to a leadership position and helped grow that company throughout North America.   In 2003 he founded CareerTHINK to continue helping students.  


Hermann has spent more than 20 years delivering workshops, speeches and coaching more than 300,000 high school and college students across the United States and Canada, to get a major career head start.  He interviewed hundreds of mentors in and after college and attributes his career success to building relationships and developing and participating in mastermind groups.   In learning with and studying mentors in his life, Hermann noticed that there were specific proactive steps that those who had careers they loved.  He began writing about these actions and developed a 5-Step process to, as two of his mentor's Walter Hailey and Steve Anderson used to always say, "It's Better To Copy Genius, Than Create Mediocrity".   The 5-Steps holistic and are designed to not only determine the right career path, but to learn to build relationships with mentors and launch a career you love.  


Hermann continues to invest in learning as he is a certified John Maxwell Team Leadership speaker, trainer and coach. He is certified in several of the top career assessments, including The Highland's Ability Battery aptitude assessment. Hermann is the author of Hit the Ground Running - 5 Steps to a Career You Love, where he outlines a process to determine your TRUE CAREER FIT and then get the jobs you love!

Hermann owns two Mathnasium learning centers in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana.  His passion is helping students succeed and live with passion.  He is active in sports, running marathons and now sailing!  He is married to Debra Hebert and has three beautiful children, Hayden, Julia and Ella.

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