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Why Us


The Forecast

If high school diplomas came with a flyer on the national college forecast, it might read:


  •  College takes a lot longer than it ever did before.

  •  College costs a lot more than ever. 

  •  A higher standard of admission rules the top colleges.

  •  A lower success rate plagues junior colleges and state  universities (ratio of admissions to graduations).


Higher fees for a degree that takes longer and longer to obtain (the national average is now over five years!) from schools that are harder and harder to get into?


Sounds like stormy weather?


Call it hurricane season.


Only one thing could make this forecast worse: your son or daughter in college without any clue as to why.

Floundering in the rain. 

While the meter is running.


Your Personal Umbrella


Don’t let it happen.

Especially when it can so easily be avoided.  That’s why we’ve created a holistic program to give parents and students the tools, experience and confidence to find success.  


Think of this career preparation as your personal umbrella against the dark-clouded deluge looming on the national horizon.  

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