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Find The Right Package

Call us or answer a few questions to help determine the best products and services that are right for you.  


1.  Have you ever taken an objective aptitude assessment to determine. your natural abilities?


This is the best place to begin, many natural abilities are latent.  This technology is based on a century of research from Johnson O'Conner;  our natural abilities are a combination of our DNA and our environment up to puberty, then become hardwired around the age of puberty for life and can be measured.  The Highlands Ability Battery is a series of 19 performance based tests that measure a persons aptitude which  can identify a persons ideal job description based on their natural abilities.   We offer a package with multiple assessments including personality, interest and behavior and after completing the assessments you will receive a one on one  feedback interpretation meeting to create decisions and next steps based on the results.  

2.  Are you clear about your Career Vision and the factors that drive and clarify ones career path?  

We have identified 10 factors that will influence and help discover the right career choices.  We call is careerDNA or cDNA.  Just as our DNA determines our eye color or height, we feel these factors can determine what career fits us like a glove.  From personal and professional goals to work values, including aptitude, personality and interests, we utilize the "Don't Waste Your Talent" platform developed by The Highlands Company to work with your coach and document and discover the factors that will essentially give a person their own Career Instruction Manual for career decisions for the rest of their life.  

3.  Once you have clear answers to your career fit (or multiple ideal career matches), have you put them to the test to get real world experience and relationships? 


The second phase of our process is more interpersonal and is called, MENTORS & CHAMPIONS.   Most students do not understand that even in this amazing age of technology and artificial intelligence, people are still the key to the future job market, in fact, most jobs are landed through the hidden job market.  The key to opening these doors are mentors and champions.  We will guide you through the process of developing the skills guidance necessary for networking, building relationships and interviewing for experience.  This are the most powerful steps in the process and not only help students gain the real world experience to make the best career choices (college, choosing a major, internships) but will unlock to the door to the best jobs available.  

4.  Are you looking for results in the next 6 months or is your student in high school or college and you feel like you have time to make choices?  

Our services can be purchased individually to fill in gaps to questions you are looking for, like what major should I choose or I'm about to graduate and need a job in my field.  However if you feel like time is on your side, you can't begin too early.  Our recommendation would be to practice the "farming mentality" method and work with us from High school through college.  (farming = planting seeds and putting in the work to regularly to eventually harvest.  This same mentality is developed in sports where athletes prepare for months before the actual season begins, our goal is to help students and adults be ready for their opportunities when they meet them.  

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